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Define. Refine. Progress.

Whatever is measured increases.
Whatever is measured and reported increases significantly.
Whatever is measured, reported and publicly committed to increases radically!

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Phelps Helps

Need clarity of what your goals are? Phelps Helps.

Want to be the best at the PPO game? Phelps Helps.

Want to get out of the PPO game and go Fee For Service? Without losing any patients in the transition? Phelps Helps.

Want to create a practice independent of you or create a right work life balance? Phelps Helps.

If you’ve read any of the 50+ articles that I’ve written in dental journals, heard me on the 100+ podcasts I’ve been on or heard me lecture in person you know I that I’m all about bringing you value and getting you to here you want to go. All while making as few mistakes along the way as possible. I’ve already made them. Why should you make them to?

I only take 12 Dentists for this program as you will have my undivided attention and focus to help you put out the fires going on in your practice and get back on the path to grow again. Last year my average coaching client grew by over $250,000 in revenue from the previous year. That’s over 25% growth in a single year where they had 0%-8% growth at the most in the years prior. One of my clients was up 48% from the previous year and now has enough Associates working his practice that he doesn’t even have to be there any more unless he wants.


  • 1 on-site training which I’ll try to do during the 1st quarter of 2019. That means I come to you. All expenses included so you just have to put your team in front of me and let me influence them to increase your case acceptance and revenue and pay you back from what you invested in my program from the get go.
  • Unlimited access to me. You want to schedule a coaching call, have an issue going on in your practice you want to talk through, need my help with creating a solution to your problem? All you have to do is schedule the call and we’ll get it done with a solution in place and plan to put it into action.
  • Day to day conversations. I’ve created a private What’s App and Voxer group just for my coaching clients so we can communicate daily. You can post your issues to me privately or to the group so everyone can learn. It’s your choice.
  • 4 workshops in Charlotte NC. After the Jan. 19th event we’ll schedule the remaining 3 as a group so there no schedule conflicts for the others in your group.
  • You can’t do it alone so you can bring an office staff member with you to each of the 4 events in Charlotte so I can teach you both how to find a team built to grow and delegate and influence them to get their jobs done without you having to micromanage them.
  • 1 of those workshops will be combined with my Year 2 and Year 3 coaching groups so you can hear their stories, the path to success I helped them create and more.
  • Need help creating your own membership plan for patients without dental insurance? Done! You get access to all of the products I have for sale at included.
  • Need help finding a better quality new patient? You get access to my two day marketing video at included.
  • Need help tracking your marketing, help with scheduling? You get my Telephone training program included to help your team convert more new patient phone calls as well as discounts off my Call Tracker ROI and my Golden Goose Scheduling services.

Hear what other dentists
just like you are saying about this program!

Dr. Phelps will help you progress until your practice goals are achieved, all within a community of like-minded dentists with similar problems and issues who want to support and help each other grow. Come see the results for yourself or contact a dentist directly to learn more about their experience!

"We keep getting better and better- we are always improving. We have seen a radical amount of growth in a small amount of time[.]"

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.

“The two things I take away are the camaraderie and being in a group of like-minded individuals...who have some of the same issues.”

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.

“I like bragging about how my practice has grown!”

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.

"It has been a game changer for my practice."

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.


“This workshop is for anyone with a PPO offce, FFS practice or a practice with multiple locations, or one location with an associate. The ideas and principles are geared for any dentist who wants to improve their practice.”

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.

“The Strategic Practice will bring clarity on what is most important for you. You can pursue the growth you have always imagined.”

Contact directly to learn more about their experience.

“If I was trying to do this on my own it would have taken me 10 years to get where I've been able to get in the last year.”
“It has helped me identify what has been holding me back.”


Who is this guy and why is he the best person to use his wisdom and experience to help you get to where you want your practice to be?

From 2003-2010, Dr. Phelps grew his fee-for-service practices by a factor of 10, going from one location to four and growing from $600,000/year in collections to over $6.5 million/year. In 2011, he changed his mindset from growing for growth’s sake to maximizing the capacity of his existing offices.

In 2011, he sold his two best offices for profit and took over his two least-producing, highest-debt offices, one of which was an office he opened from scratch earlier that year that collected $35,000/month; unfortunately it cost him over $70,000/month in expenses.

In total, these two practices finished 2011 with a combined revenue of $1.6 million. Over the next three years he grew those two practices for a combined revenue of $6 million/year, doing with two offices what he used to do with four. Have you ever wondered what the secrets to practice growth are? How about radical practice growth?

In the Strategic Practice coaching series. Dr. Phelps has taken the elements of his radical growth and mapped out a step-by-step plan on how you can do the same. Whether you are a solo practice, just getting started, practicing and adding associates, or in a multi-practice or multi-doctor group looking to take it to another level, Dr. Phelps helps you do just that every step of the way. You will define your goals and refine your vision every 90 days to stay on course.

Dr. Phelps is a consummate professional. He is thoughtful in his approach to patient care and innovative in his practice.


See what others are saying about Dr. Christopher Phelps

You can read over 100 more reviews on how Dr. Phelps has helped dentists improve their business and grow practices. You can see all his reviews by clicking here.

What would you be willing to do to grow your practice and be ready to compete in tomorrow’s uncertain dental economy? 1 extra crown per month? 2 crowns per month? That’s the investment we’re talking about.


  • 1 Onsite training at your office on any topic you’d like me to train your team on.
  • My 2-day Marketing for Better Quality New Patient Video.
  • Telephone Training Team Video.
  • Creation of your own Dental Membership Plan with design work for the application page and patient brochure as well as Team training videos on the topic.
  • Introduction to Influence Team Training Video.
  • Free tuition for one of your key team members at each of the 4 workshops.
  • Voxer and What’s App private group areas to have daily discussions about what’s going on in your practice so if a fire pops up, we can put it out quickly.
  • Kolbe A Assessment Test, Team Synergy Reports, Dr. Phelps Hiring and Firing Systems and more.
  • 4 Social events/year.
  • Unlimited time with Dr. Phelps.

You need a coaching call? Got a problem that needs addressing today? All you have to do is ask and Dr. Phelps will be there to help you.



· · ·

For practices grossing more than $1.5 million in total practice(s) production




· · ·

For offices producing $751,000-$1.5 million in total practice(s) production




· · ·

For practices producing less than $750,000 in total practice(s) production




· · ·

  1. Videos of all four workshops that you can watch at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home.
  2. The video recording of his two-day marketing event.
  3. The Influence Case Acceptance video.
  4. 50% discount off of anything on his packages.
  5. 50% discount off of Dr. Phelps' Seminar Training series found at
  6. Access to all of the worksheets/forms that attendees of the course will receive and fill out.
  7. You'll have access to Dr. Phelps via WhatsApp and Voxer to get any of your questions answered.



  • 1. Pay in full
  • 2. Interest free financing: 50% Deposit at time of purchase, remaining balance paid in 6 monthly installments interest free
  • 3.Interest financing: 12 Monthly payments *interest rates of 4%-5% applied

*Limited to 12 attendees


Topics covered throughout the workshop series

How to master external, internal and grassroots marketing to find a better quality new patient. How to keep your practice fee for service and be the best you can at the PPO insurance game or find a different way to compete outside the insurance game. Phone language and strategies can help your team answer more new patient phone calls and schedule more appointments. How to create your own Dental Membership Plan and how best to promote and sell the plan.

How to use the Science of Influence and Persuasion to increase your case acceptance, decrease no-shows and more! Gift and reward systems that incentivize team members. How to create the best possible patient experience to help prevent patient attrition.

Defining the 5 most important metrics you need to monitor in your practice. Understanding everything that makes each metric go up or down. Set quarterly goals and action plans to move these 5 metrics in the right direction. Identify what you’re procrastinating on and help you scratch it off your list. Staff embezzlement protection and systems or prevention. Teaching you how to buy back your time and increase your happiness, be more productive and make your practice grow as a result. Systems and strategies on surviving the private and corporate equity tsunami that is flooding over our industry.

Introducing you to a safe community and network of dentists just like you who will support you and help you grow. These people have similar problems and issues of growth that you are experiencing and they are all willing to help each other succeed. Private/secure Facebook and WhatsApp chat rooms to keep the conversations and coaching going so you have daily access to get questions you need answered.

KOLBE A and PRINT assessment tests to educate you on your natural strengths and challenges as a leader in your practice. Help you define your vision for the practice. Help you understand the employee life-cycle in your growth process. How to use these reports to make sure you have the right team in the right seat on the bus. Firing protocols if you need to help some of your team off the bus. A hiring solution to help find the right-fit team members on the bus. Accountability systems to keep them all in check. How to influence them to change or adapt to new systems and protocols. How to find and hire associates along with associate bonus programs to keep them engaged and striving to improve their case acceptance rates. Associate contracts and buy-in protocols to make it a win-win event for both sides. 80/20 team leader system to learn how to delegate or eliminate the irritating tasks and empower your team to be CEO’s of their department.

Workshop Dates

Workshop 1

TBD: Entrepreneur level

Jan 19, 2019: Achiever level

TBD: Building level

Workshop 2

TBD: Entrepreneur level

TBD: Achiever level

TBD: Building level

Workshop 3

TBD: Entrepreneur level

TBD: Achiever level

TBD: Building level

Workshop 4

TBD: Entrepreneur level

TBD: Achiever level

TBD: Building level

Dr. Phelps is a consummate professional. He is thoughtful in his approach to patient care and innovative in his practice.


Real Results:
Before and After 1 year with
The Strategic Practice


Solo Practice Owner, Goal to add associates at some point in future. (Maryland)

A. His Practice graduated from the $750k-$1.5M group to the $1.5M+ group.

B. He had a 50% increase in time away from the office as his hours worked went from 5-6 days/week to 3 days/week.

C. He added his first associate dentist and we guided him through every step, from hiring, contracts, pay structure, buy-in options, incentive plans and more.

D. Because of his radical growth, last month he took home his first $60,000 profit check from the practice, the most he’s ever been able to take home in a single month.

After Year 2 of the program, he was able to grow his practice by an additional 48% over year 1!


Solo Practice Owner, Goal to add associates at some point in future (New Hampshire)

A. Production/collection per year grew from $1.8M/$1.6M to over $2.1M/1.8M (20% growth)

B. Added 1st associate to practice

C. 30% decrease in his time worked at the practice

D. Now looking at adding more associates, expansion and possibly a new start up of an ortho/pedo practice.

E. Over the last year his growth has helped him to go out of network with the majority of his PPO plans, as of Jan. 1, 2018, he'll be going out of network with his last PPO plan. Congrats Dr. Bowman!


Multi-Practice Owner (New York)

A. Multi-practice doc with 3 locations, was able to purchase Practice #4.

B. One of his main practices he focused on while at Strategic Practice grew from production/collection per year of $1.9M/$1.6 to over $3.3M/$2.9M. This is not a typo but a great example of the radical growth you can achieve as well.

C. Added 2 associates, 2 hygienists while buying out ownership shares of his old partners.

D. “Thanks to Strategic Practice, I had the confidence and support to expand my existing facility and virtually double that office’s production. I added associates, new team members while buying out my old partners, freeing up my time to be with my family more and search for new Practice opportunities.”


Solo Practice, no plans for associates (Massachusetts)

A. Production/collection per year both rose over $200,000

B. Graduated from $750k-$1.5M/year group to the $1.5M+/year group.

C. Paid off business loan for practice.

D. Went from 6 weeks of vacation/year to 7 weeks.

E. Reduced his days worked from 4 to 3 days/week.

F. “For me it wasn’t how much you produce but how much you take home and how much you work. That’s what I focused my Dials on.” He did just that.


Solo Practice Owner, no current goals for associate (Florida)

A. Production/collection per year from $1.1M/$1.0M to over $1.4M/$1.5M! A 50% increase in collections from the year before.

B. Focused 2 of his 5 Dials on cleaning up overdue Accounts Receivable and switching his office over to a pre-pay system before his patients could schedule chair time with him.


Solo Practice Owner, goal to add associates (Tennessee)

A. Production increased by over 24% and Collections increased by over 20%.

B. Bought land, built brand-new building. Adding CBCT and starting placement of dental implants.

C. After year 2 we are 37% higher.


Solo Practice owner. No current goals to add an associate (New York)

A. Collections grew from $1.2M to $1.4M despite seeing 25% fewer patients.

B. Dropped 60% of the insurance plans he was in network with.

C. Focused one of his Dials on dropping those PPO plans and growing his new in-house membership plan we helped him create to find a better quality fee-for-service patient.

D. After being in network with 15+ insurance plans, thanks to the Strategic Practice dropped over 50% of them and by the end of year 2 in the program should be in a position to go out of network with the rest.

E. After 2 years in the program, we increased our dental savers plan members by almost 200%. This has helped to transition from PPO to FFS


Multi-practice Owner (Vermont)

A Two offices grew by $294k Production and $250k Collections.

B. Took one full week off per quarter.

C. Added Full Time Associates

D. Looking for 3rd possible practice to purchase.



A. I have learned to manage my time better and setting aside time to work on the business.

B. I have a better understanding of my marketing ROI.

C. I am more confident in doing full mouth Implant cases from start to finish from marketing, to case closure to clinical steps start to finish.

D. I had 3 consultants when I started with Strategic Practice. I dropped them all and decided Strategic Practice is the best one for my practice.


How to grow
dental membership plan

“My headline says it all, but I'll go ahead and add one more thing. If you're a practice owner looking for a way to bring in the unicorn of all patients: happy cash ones that stick with you year after year... then read this book! Dr. Phelps lays it out for you. The only way it could be easier is if he actually came to you, took you by the hand, and personally walked you through each step. And he actually offers that option as well.”


“I highly recommend this book to any dental practice that wants to benefit from recurring revenue, patient retention, and running a hassle free practice by reducing your dependency on dental insurance. I met Dr. Phelps early this year because we both have helped many dental practices create membership programs and I have enjoyed his books, presentations, articles and expertise. Buy this book now and you won't regret it!!”


“Dr. Phelps did an awesome job writing this book. He goes into detail about how to create a dental membership plan to provide savings to patients who want dental care but aren't sure how it can fit into your budget. The book is very personal which helped me feel more connected to Dr. Phelps and made me realize that if he can do it, so can I. He goes over the many steps you need to take to create a membership plan such as:

  • - What to include
  • - How to market it - he even shows you graphics he used to market it
  • - What fee you should charge and when
  • - How to handle perio patients
  • - How to handle third-party financing such as Care Credit
  • - How to get patients to renew their membership yearly

He does all of this while talking to you like you are a personal friend. He gives you all of the information that you need to do this yourself, and if you don't want to do it on your own, he does offer his services for a fee at the end of the book. While he does sell a service to dentists related to dental membership plans, he isn't pushy like some dentist-authors who try to sell to you on every page or at the end of each chapter.

Overall, this is a very valuable book and will help grow your practice immensely if you put Dr. Phelps' suggestions into practice.
Good book! Easy read!”


“ can say without a doubt this is the best business book you can purchase to improve your dental practice!!! It provides a perfect action plan to attract and retain fee-for-service patients in a way that works well for both the doctor and the patient. There are many other great marketing ideas as well, and Dr. Phelps personally answered my emails to help implement his systems. The Dental $avings Plan worked exactly as described in the book. Best return on investment for any dental practice!!! Also, it is a quick and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a simple, practical and efficient way to grow their practice.”



Chris Phelps is a knowledgeable and experienced clinician, interesting & engaging speaker, helpful & inspiring colleague. Well done!



Check out some reviews on Dr Phelps' Principles of Persuasion Workshop

Chris Phelps is a knowledgeable and experienced clinician, interesting & engaging speaker, helpful & inspiring colleague. Well done!